Why You should use a Mini-Projector?

Written by Edgard Rose

Ever since streaming services rose to the prominence they have today, the act of “binging”, that is watching several episodes of a series in one seating has become common place.

And how could it not be so, when it’s such a blast to jump from episode to the next and get the payoff from every dramatic cliff-hanger right away? Chances are, you, the reader, has probably done that at least once.

Now, what if I told you that you can make these binging sessions on Netflix or any other streaming services even better with a simple yet extremely clever gadget.

We’re talking about the ProjoMini mini projector, a device no bigger than your smartphone that can project quality images on any surface.

You might not see how such a thing could make watching a series more enjoyable now, but keep reading and you just might.


Bring it Anywhere

Few people would disagree that the worst part of watching something on a streaming service is how it keeps you from doing anything else on the duration of that binging session

For example, imagine you and your friends are having a movie party at your house, but it is a beautiful night with a full moon outside.

In such a situation you’ll have to choose between a good movie and a unique moment in your life that will not repeat itself.

With the portable projector, you won’t be forced to pick anymore, you can combine a great environment with a great movie, making for unique experiences.

So why not have your entertainment of choice be projected on the wall of your house while you and your friends relax under the stars? This and many other moments can become a possibility thanks to the mini projector.

You are not limited to your backyard either, as long as you have a Power Bank with you, you will be able to get everyone together around for movie session.


Just Like a Movie Theater 

Another downside of watching streaming services through conventional means, mainly your cellphone or computer is that you are confined to fixing your eyes on a tiny little screen for extended periods of time.

Even worse, that screen might not even have good resolution, or be physically spent from continuous use.

This sort of practice can only do you harm, besides getting uncomfortable, really fast, it can lead to serious problems like the loss of eyesight and migraines.

Of course, you could always watch your series from a safe distance by hooking up your laptop to a TV, but that would only create a mobility problem.

The ProjoMini has the ability to project images in 1080p resolution on any surface, without being as aggressive on the eyes, with the added benefit of having no physical screen that can get worn out with time


Made for Sharing

Have you ever tried to watch something on your phone with more than one person? It’s something that you often end up doing with your friends in school, work or at a trip.

It’s a great way to pass the time, but it can get really uncomfortable if you have too many people trying to watch something through a tiny little screen.

Therefore, another great advantage of using our min projector is its ability to bring people together around a movie or series in just a few steps.

All you have to do is hook it up to your phone, put on that new season of your favorite show and your movie night is ready to go.




At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide how you like to make use of your streaming subscriptions, but no one can deny that there are many ways to make the most of it.

The ProjoMini is one of such ways, combining quality, convenience and even a social factor as features that allow you to make every cent you spend in those monthly fees worth it.

To enjoy your content anywhere you wish in high quality with your friends is certainly a privilege, one that you can buy for very cheap.

There are basically no setbacks to its use, making it not just a luxury product, but in many ways a must-have product for people who like to binge in their own terms.

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