The best Mini Projector of 2020? The ProjoMini

ProjoMini is likely the best pocket projector under $100 for you and your family!

Article written by Elena Mandeline in April 2020

The most common reaction we have when seeing a high quality yet cheap product online is one of interest almost instantaneously followed by doubt. Skeptical, we begin to scroll through the product page several times, wondering if that great deal is not actually a trap for our wallets.

This is a normal reaction to have, which is why in order to relieve you of this doubt we have composed this article explaining exactly what you from the YG300 for $100.

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Our mini-projector is no bigger than your smartphone and can be stored and carried pretty much anywhere without ever being a real burden. This comes as a heaven-sent when you are traveling and want to bring some source of entertainment without having it take too much space in your bag.

It’s also very convenient for setting up a projection in places where a normal-sized projector would normally find issues like parks of your own backyard.

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Connect Anywhere

The YG300 comes with USB/AV/SD slots, which together enable you to connect the mini-projector to almost any device you can possibly think of. Do you want to have a game night in the backyard with your friends on a summer night? Just connect it with your computer or gaming console via USB and you are good to go.

Or maybe you want to bring some more fun into camping by letting everyone watch a movie, in which case, why have everyone squish themselves in front of your phone when you can project it on the side of the tent?

The AV cables also allow you to connect it with your TV, or DVD/Blu-ray device as well, meaning that no matter the media, you can project it.

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Quality Resolution

Now you might be wondering how does the mini-projector hold up in terms of projection power and the short answer to this question is: “quite well”. For the longer answer we can tell you the YG300 has a native resolution of 320x240 pixels with support for 1080p enabling really high-quality projections.

The projections themselves can go from one to three meters in distance, and get up to 60 inches (1.52 m) in size with an aspect ratio of either 4:3 or 16:9.

So, if you were worried about getting a cheaper product only to find out it can only project the blurred shapes of images, you can rest your heart, your Super Bowl night is in good hands.

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No Recharging Needed

Imagine that you and your friends are on a trip to the beach and the house you are hosted in has no TV, meaning your group has to rely on the portable projector that you’ve brought.Everything is fine and dandy, while you’re watching a movie until the projector suddenly goes out, ruining movie night.

Sure, you can recharge it to have it ready in the next night, but what if the battery is already worn out? Even the charger itself can have some problems, meaning in general battery-based projectors are not that reliable.

What we offer as the best alternative to a battery-based projector is compatibility with most power banks, allowing our product to work indefinitely no matter where you are.

A Gift For Your Children

Lastly, what we offer is a great gift opportunity for children or anyone really that is sure to cause some envious looks at a party. After all, what our projector allows you to do is share the fun, no matter where it may be, by projecting it into the nearest surface for all to see.

This can bring a new breath of life into any party, sleepover and trip you go to by having people get together and enjoy themselves as a group.

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It takes a single look at the price tag for people to make their judgment of a product, but that can be the catalyst for a series of misconceptions. Namely, the greatest one is that the evidence of a product’s quality is that it is more expansive than the rest.

Of course, there are many times when the price difference between two products is actually justified, but you can take great benefit from identifying a good deal when you see it.

The YG300 mini-projector is one of such deals where you get many times its value in flexibility and sheer enjoyment that it provides.

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