What is the Best Priced Mini Projector of 2020 ?

Article written by Noel Parthenhouse

There are many types of projectors in the market. They vary from their design features and prices as well. The best thing is that they contain many numbers of advantages for professional use and home use. The projector facility offers you better eye health without hurting it. But, the problem is that which is the best projector for us that we can use. We all know that in the past movies are only for movie theaters and only those can see the TV shows who had a Television. Luckily in this decade of 2020, we found many opportunities and facilities with many advancements. Here in this article, we are going to give you briefing on :

Best Mini Projector At Best Price For 2020

ProjoMini YG 3000 Mini LED Projector

This LED projector comes in attractive carbon boxing with the specifications table on the side of the packing. The packaging offers you friendly safety so that you can unbox it quickly. It contains the imaging technology of TFT LCD with a fantastic contrast of 800:1.  The light that comes out from the projector is LED, which is quite impressive. Only very few of the mini-sized projectors had this feature with a native resolution of 320*240 pixels. It means that you cannot watch HD movies on this pixel feature, which has support resolution of 1920*1080. The best thing is that the LED has a lifetime of 30,000 hours, which is quite an impressive feature. You can find the projection difference between 0.8 to 2M with the actual size of 24-60 inches.


The first thing you found on opening the box is stylish remote, which is helpful in the design and offers you manual functions—the remote runs on two AAA batteries. The AVI cables are long and lasting, which may help you out in many of your works. Now coming to the adapter charger, the first thing that will click you is a UK adapter that they already included so that you will not buy it separately. When it comes to the length of the charger, many projectors are failed to provide. Luckily, this projector offers an excellent range of the charger that you may plug in even at some long distance. When it comes to the length of the charger, many projectors are failed to provide. Luckily, this projector offers an excellent range of the charger that you may plug in even at some long distance.


Now Coming towards on our principal object, which is the projector. This smart-looking projector is much simple and straight forward, which comes in yellow and white color. It looks a lot more expensive then it should be because of its fantastic elegance. It includes inputs of USB and secondly HDMI input with power input. On the back, you will find micro USB input and micro SD card input also. In the output, you will get AV and a standard headphone input. You can see clearly that they try to feature everything that you need in an ideal projector. By setting up the projector, you will find a screen with a wide range and colorful graphics. By choosing this projector, you are going to found many more in this 60-inch screen option. The pixel quality is quite good, which is difficult to find in other mini projectors.

The menu options that you will see on the screen include Movie, Music, Photo, and Text. Let's suppose you choose to watch a movie on it. By looking closer, you will feel that it is not an HD. The good thing is that you will get a satisfactory vision on the projector at some distance. When it comes to the presentation, choosing the text format option is excellent in it. You can easily show large text up to 72pt to your audience to read the book clearly to minimum text pt. You will amaze after hearing that you can also put a connection of this projector with your PlayStation. It will not provide you the best result but will offer you a reasonable display. When you think of playing a multiplayer game, then the screen of this projector is quite reasonable.


It enables you to save your money by not spending on big TV screens for PS4.


Some Advantages of the ProjoMini Projector

Customizable Screen Size

The first advantage is that you can operate projectors on any surface no matter they are a large size or mini size. But, for better quality, you can use white-painted walls or special screens which are not necessary. It depends on your demand

Large Images

Let's suppose you want to watch a slide show of family pictures. You will play a slide show on the TV screen which is fixed, and you will not enjoy it in that way you want. Luckily, projectors offer you large screen size to enjoy your photos with family or friends by delivering a theater feel.

Eye Safety

When it comes to the safety of the eye, everybody feels conscious. It is much easy to see large text or vision as compared to others. It is more difficult to see small content when you have an eyesight problem. Projectors provide your eye more comfort than other devices and also offer you large images and text. The critical fact that you need to know is that projectors reflect light, whereas TV emits light waves.


They are not small in size, but they are also light in weight. It enables us to take them where ever we want. We can easily carry them to enjoy with mates and family. They are also ideal projectors for out-door view



In some way, you will find this projector ideal, but in some way, it doesn't work well. You will probably think that they are not offering suitable pixels for this product. The point is that you know that the screen is just 60 inches, and they are offering reasonable to some extent at this display. If you compare to other amazing features of this product, you will mark it as an ideal mini projector.

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