What are the top 5 places to take your Mini Projector this summer?

Article written by Natasha Franklin

There is something to be said about the atmosphere created when you project something on the wall. It was this atmosphere that led to the creation of our mini-projector in the first place, the idea that anywhere, at any time, people could gather around some common activity.

In order to drive this point home, we have compiled a list of fun situations made even better by the YG300 mini projector.



To go out of the hustle of urban centers and into the quietness of nature is one of the best feelings in the world, but there is such a thing as getting too quiet. Camping trips are hard to plan and even harder to execute, so whenever there is a moment of boredom, along comes that unpleasant feeling of precious time being wasted. In such situations, what could be better than to have all your camping buddies huddle around the fire while you project a horror movie into the side of your tent for everyone to watch?

The result would be a precious memory that everyone present would take with them from the trip and carry even years after it ends.

ProjoMini Mini Projector



Inviting your friends over to your house for a night telling jokes, playing video-games and chatting are among the best memories of one’s childhood. How much better would these memories be if they included projecting funny videos on the ceiling of your room for everyone to watch from their bedrolls as you fall asleep one by one.

This might not be something you can try to do today, but why give your children a similar opportunity? They will more than likely be thrilled at the opportunity. Besides, it’s just something really cool for a child to have and their friends will be impressed.

Game Nights

No matter what country you are from, there is always that one big sports event that will have your entire block cheering through the night. Many see this as an opportunity to get friends and family together to make their bets and root for their favorites teams in a special home event.

An event that can get this much more special if you manage to turn it into a backyard luau with snacks, drinks, a refreshing breeze and the big game projected into the side of your house.


Video Game Tournaments

Even better than to root for someone's victory is to have everyone rooting for yours, a feeling that has driven generations of gamers into tournaments. Well, if people are going to be admiring the skills of dedicated contestants, they are gonna have to actually see them compete. That being the case, what could be better than to project the competition into the wall and have the entire room cheer and sigh as one while the competitors duke it out?

In fact, most gaming tournaments already know this and you rarely see one where the game is not being projected into the nearest wall, meaning you can’t really have one without a good projector.

ProjoMini Mini Projector

Movie Parties

Raise your hand if you have ever uttered the words “let’s grab some food and watch something at my place.” By itself, this is a great idea, but sometimes you exactly have the best television in the world, or even enough space to accommodate all your friends in front of it.

In such situations, once again, having a mini projector can be extremely handy as you can have the movie be displayed pretty much wherever you want. In fact, having your movie be displayed this way will effectively make your movie night feel like an actual movie theater where everyone can have a blanket and put their feet up.


The YG300 by itself will not make good memories, that is for you and your loved ones to do at every opportunity you have, but it can do is provide this opportunity. It doesn’t really matter if you are playing a game, watching a movie, or cheering for your team, our mini projector is just a way to have everyone together.

So, whenever you are in doubt on whether to use it or not, all you have to do is ask yourself this question: Do I want everyone to have fun together?

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