Top 3 Summer Tech Gadgets

Written By Maggie Wilkinson

To merely read the word “summer” summons the picture of people enjoying the moment in sunny days and warm nights of laughter and leisure.

Summer is a small window of time during which people get to let their hair down and enjoy life, so in order to make full use of this free time, we have devised a series of instruments that give us new ways to enjoy ourselves.

This necessity for new ways of having fun drives companies to always come up with new devices specifically designed to increase our quality of life.

So, if you are afraid to let the preciously scarce free time go to waste, you’ll absolutely need to check out our top three tech gadgets for your summer.


1st Place: The ProjoMini Portable Mini Projector



We all live at the height of the streaming age, which means that as summer begins to approach, people look at their watch lists in anticipation of the binging season.

 Sure binging series is always fun, but even the worst movie can be made enjoyable if you watch it with your friends, laughing, crying and jumping with them at every scene.

That is to say, happiness is one of the few commodities that multiplies when shared and you will find great benefit in being able to share it anywhere.

This is where the mini projector comes in, being no bigger than a smartphone, you can bring it wherever you want and hook up a binging party on the spot.


What could be better than to have a movie night at the beach, or have everyone gather for that dramatic season finale on your own backyard?

The YG300 model doesn’t even need batteries and can be powered by a PowerCharger. Hook it up to your cellphone, computer or any other device, allowing you to have an entire movie-theater on your pocket.


2nd Place: Wireless Headphones

In order to enjoy your summer you don’t really need to have a big project, sometimes all you need is the right song, the right place, and the right spirit.

Picture yourself in the local green park, beams of sunlight penetrating sparse golden clouds as you cruise around in your roller-skates, that one nostalgic tune bringing you back to good days past.

You won’t be able to get this much enjoyment out of it if you are constantly yanking your headphones out of your head by the wires, will you?

Of course not. If you are going to give the good moments of your life the soundtrack they deserve, you’ll want the freedom of movement that only a good wireless headphone can give you.

They are not only useful for when you’re going out, but they can be your greatest ally when you want to become a one-person dancing party in your house.

If you see how short life is to stay in just one place, you absolutely have to try this wonder of technology.


3rd Place: Mini Cooler

Summer was not made just for outside people, your average gamer, bookworm or the general all have these days of rest as a time when they can enjoy the pleasure of pursuing their favorite hobbies.

Of course, summer days are very hot (shocking, we know) and many people are forced to endure them without the aid of an expansive air conditioner unit.

In reading this, you might have shed a tear from knowing all too well what this feels like, well we have some good news to you.

You might not have the money to spend on air conditioning, but what about having a refreshing beverage wherever and whenever you want?

Such a luxury can be yours for a very cheap price in the form of a portable mini-cooler to keep your drinks ice-cold and always at an arm’s reach.

It might seem petty, but few things are as relaxing as extending your arm and grabbing something to drink without ever taking your eyes out of what you are doing.



What makes summer days so great is the fact that we never know when it’s going to be our last, this uncertainty should not, however, be seen as a source of anxiety.

Quite the contrary, it should be a great incentive to seize the day and live your summer to the fullest.

So, go ahead and make the most, go out for a jog while listening to your favorite songs, invite your friends over for movie night with your ProjoMini in your backyard and offer them drinks from your mini-cooler. In short, have a great summer.

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